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An End Has a Start
Solo Exhibition

“An end has a start” is an art installation exhibited at the Blanc Gallery, New York, in October 2021. 

An observation of a Mobus strip orbital motion is hanging as a series of 25 prints in a 5 x 5 matrix, the two-dimensional images turn into a three-dimensional spatial installation that provides the audience with an immersive experience of time, space, and existence.

By using the repetitiveness of printmaking as an independent language, each outcome is a segment of a continuous cycle of opposite states and a moment from the revolving loop of the Mobius strip that allows this work to break away from the size and display prescriptions of traditional printmaking.

Time: 2021
Material: Printmaking, Photopolymer Gravure
Image Size:12.5 x 7.5 in, Paper Size: 22 x 15 in
Composed of 25 prints

Curator: Yiyao Tang

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