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China Chic

Instead of a literal translation of the western exhibition aesthetic, the interior design team proposed an architectonic experience that evokes both Chinese traditional ethos and its current deviations. 

Our exhibition explores a severe sense of Chinese traditional poet order, "桃花源" and “小石潭记". In our view, those two expressions can be understood as a form of ubiquitous translation: a precisely regulated yet universal space that promotes a degree of mystery, curiosity and an endless variety of informal human encounters.

Thus, the entrance's wall indicates as "桃花源", it was narrow at first, after steps, the way led to vast spaciousness.  Based on the size, proportion, and position of the lighting board,  the resulting space is transformed into a dense, almost solid, labyrinth-like atmosphere. Every part can be perceived as an element of "小石潭记" within the regular formation. 

Time: April 26-30, 2019

Location: Grand Central Station, Vanderbilt Hall, New York

Category: Commercial Exhibition 

Status: Complete

Area: 4,230 sqft

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